[SL] Blogger Support

[SL] Blogger Support is a premier Second Life Group that specializes in support for those who blog about Second Life in all it’s capacity.

What You’ll Find:
- Inspiration such as themes, stories, and everyday
- Great Sim locations
- Photoshop, windlighting, and photography tutorials
- A great group of individuals willing to help out!

You must be an active blogger to be allowed into the group. What does “active” mean?
- You made a few blog posts in the past three months
- The platform can vary: Blogger, Wordpress,Tumblr, Flickr, Facebook
- We encourage different varieties of blogging: Fashion, Destinations, Editorials, Tutorials
- Your blog is Second Life Related

We do allow Event Organizers and Creators within the group as well. Most own a “blog” for marketing purposes as well. Event Organizers and Creators must still apply.

Applications will also be closed during Early Access to larger events such as Fantasy Faire, Hair Fair, Skin Fair, etc. We do this so that people are not applying just to get into the group for these events. Applications will re-open 24 hours after the event is open to the public.

!! Invite by approval only. !!

Someone from [SL] Blogger Support will contact you with an invite. Please allow seven days for response. If you do not here from us in this time, please contact a support member. Thank you!

*[SL] Blogger Support is owned by Katya Valeska. Please contact Ember Adored/Caitlin Tobias with questions about your application or membership.

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