2019 - 2020 Session #2 STEM Team Application
Description of Club: The STEM team is a group of students that will compete in various activities and competitions that are all related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Each team will consist of two to four students. Teams are put together by the team advisers.
Timeline: Begins-Week of December 2
Ends-Week of February 10

Challenge: Session #2 Challenge will be Buoyant Boats. We look forward to seeing all the kids can do to make the boats float. Wind, Weight, and Going Green will all be a factor.

Time Requirements: At least one team meeting / work time per week (Determined by the day you chose on your application below)

Parents: You will need to arrange transportation for your child on the day he or she stays after to be picked up at 3:45.

School / Classroom Requirements: If you are chosen to be in this club you are expected to be and show that you are a student of high character. You are expected to model this in the classroom and in our school at all times. This also means holding yourself to a high standard with school work and minimizing your time on or the amount of times you are on ICU. If you are a student that teachers consistently have to talk to about your behaviors then this is not the club for you. We are not and will not babysit any students and you will not be chosen for this club if you are behavior problem. Just because you fill out an application does not mean you are guaranteed a spot on the STEM team. We will let you know early next week if you made the team or not. We are capping the amount to 20 kids per day.

Email address or email addresses we can send messages to such as: cancellations, updates, etc.
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Name: First and Last Name (of child participating)
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Day you will stay after until 3:45 to work on STEM projects
Describe why you would be an asset to a STEM team and why the team advisers should choose you for this team.
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