Application for CRESCENDO 2019
Please answer all the following questions. If you have any questions or other comments you want to let us know, don't hesitate to contact us -

Please keep this information in mind befre beginning:
- The application will probably take about 30 minutes to complete
- The application will need to be finished in one sitting (cannot save & resume later)
- Don’t hit the “back” button or “refresh” button on your browser, or you will lose your progress

Personal Information
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Middle name(s) unless you have none
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English proficiency level *
What is your proficiency of speaking, reading and writing English?
Family Information
Marital status *
Information regarding family members who are coming but not attending the school
If you plan to come with family members who are not attending the school please submit name, relationship, and age. If family members want to attend the school they need to fill out a separate form
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Emergency contact information
Emergency contact's full name *
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Relationship of emergency contact *
Emergency contact primary phone *
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Other Personal Information
Christian Life & Call *
Describe shortly your conversion experience and present relationship with the Lord Jesus
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Personal Devotional Live *
Briefly describe your personal devotional life and indicate whether you are meeting your own expectations for personal spiritual growth.
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Have you done a YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS)? *
Church and pastor contact information
After you submit this application, we will send out a reference form to your pastor (following contact information). For us it is important that your pastor knows what you as a church member are doing.
Church name *
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Comment on the pastor contact information
You can add any important information you have to the pastor contact information
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The 24/7 prayer room is at the center of the program this year. We will work together to keep prayer and worship going every day and every night. There will also be teaching and training about having a lifestyle of worship, doing it corporately and making it sustainable. Classes will be given to teach you how to sing the Bible, how to play prophetically and how to help the room engage in prayer.

We are working on a flexible schedule which enables you to make the most out of time joining this intensive. To create a best fitting curriculum for the students we need the following information from you. Nevertheless it might be possible that you will not get what you are preferring.

General schedule components
What is your preferred Prayer Room section? *
The 24/7 prayer room schedule is devided in four sections. Please select your favorite section. Please be aware that the Night Watch schedule requires a different daily routine. We expect people doing Night Watch to wake up at 15:00 and go to bed at 7:00.
Are you interested in doing outreaches? *
We plan on joining YWAM outrech teams in reaching out to the people in the city of Amsterdam.
Instrument selection and proficiency level
Overall proficiency level of instruments you play *
1-2 = Beginner, 2-4 = Intermediate, 5-6 = Advanced, None = you don't play this instrument
Other instruments
Please list any other instruments you play, including your proficiency level (1-6).
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Primary Instrument *
What is the primary instrunent you are playing?
Class Instrument *
What is the instrument you want to grow in during Crescendo?
How many years have you played on a worship team? *
Do you have experience in mixing sound? *
Are you interested in learning how to mix sound? *
Further music experience
Further music experience
Give a brief list of other music experience you have.
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Worship leader information
Do you want to lead a worship team? *
House of prayer involvement
How many years have you been involved with a house of prayer or prayer initiative? *
In which way have you been involved in a prayer initiative? *
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Crescendo information
What are the reasons for your application? *
Specifically, what interests you in the Crescendo school? What do you hope to gain from attending? How do you see yourself using the tools you learned at Crescendo?
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How did you first hear about Crescendo? *
Health information
Please note that sharing the following will not exempt you from attending. We only want to make sure this is a healthy place for you and that you will receive any support you may need while attending.
Allergies to medicines
if you are alergic to medicines, please list and specify
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If you are taking any medications or you are under doctor's treatment, please explain
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Physical Health problems
Do you have any health problems or physical limitations (eg. epilepsy, diabetes, recent major operation etc.)? If so, please explain.
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Mental Health problems
Describe any current psychological problems for which you are receiving treatment or have received treatment for in the past (e.g. anxiety, depression, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, psychological disorders)
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Because of the neighbourhood in which we will be holding this seminar, please let us know if you have past history in, currently struggle with, or have been victim to: sexual abuse or promiscuity, homosexual relationships, domestic violence, pornography, excessive drinking, taking of illegal drugs or abusing legal drugs, depression, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, or anything else you would like to make us aware of.
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Food preferences and food allergies
We will do our best to make food available which meet your expectations but we will not be able to fulfill all your detailed preferences.
To be paid BEFORE arriving in Amsterdam AFTER being accepted (more details in your acceptance package).
Price Options *
All options contain tuition, food and accommodation.
Statutory Declaration
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Declaration #2 *
Declaration #3 *
Declaration #4 *
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