MGMB Executive Team Application
This is the application for a spot on the McMaster Global Medical Brigades Executive Team. The positions available include...

- VP Administration: In charge of scheduling meetings, booking spaces, renting tables, etc. and organizing team clothing

- Event management: Responsible for running fundraisers at McMaster and in the surrounding community and to promote events on both social media and to other students.

- Sponsorship outreach: Responsible for reaching out to businesses for sponsorship donations, medical supply donations, and other additional resources.

- Educational Officer: Responsible for teaching basic Spanish questions and phrases to other brigade members as well as educating them on the culture and rules in Honduras. MUST HAVE BEEN ON A PREVIOUS BRIGADE. Will be in charge of a pod of brigadiers and answering all of their questions.

- Social Media/ Communication Management: Responsible for running social media to promote and raise awareness for McMaster Global Medical Brigades and to promote events for Event Management.

- Financial Officer: in charge of club's finances and helping to manage club's bank account

Please complete this application and submit it by Wednesday Sept 18th at 11:59pm!
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