Lessons Learned from PMP Exam Preparation
1. There are 17 questions in this survey
2. Most of the questions are multiple-choice questions
3. It should not take you more than 5-10 mintues to complete the survey.
4. Please feel free to skip any question if you are not interested in answering that question.
5. I will share your feedback in my blog "PMDrill.com" to benefit other PMP aspirants.
Personal Details
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2. Your Qualification?
3. Your Industry?
4. Years of Experience
Details of Training Attended
5. Where did you attend PMP training?
Institute name, City
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6. What is the mode of your training?
Details of Exam Preparation
7. How long did you prepare for the exam?
(from the date of completion of the training)
8. In your opinion, which is the best book for PMP exam preparation?
9. Did you take part in any online forum during the preparation?
If yes, please indicate the name of the forum and the corresponding URL.
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10. Most useful online resource for PMP exam preparation
Please indicate the name and corresponding URL
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11. How did you prepare for the exam? What would you like to change if you would revisit the exam preparation period?
(Include lessons learned, mistakes committed, and areas of improvement)
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Opinion on the PMP Exam Content
12. Easiest knowledge area?
13. Most difficult knowledge area?
During the Exam
14. Time taken to complete the exam?
15. Can you share few words about your experience going through the actual PMP exam?
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Final Word
16. One last piece of advice for candidates preparing for the exam?
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17. Do you have anything else to say?
I might have missed something
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