Department of Mathematical Sciences General Permit Request - Spring 2018
This form is for MATH courses ONLY.
IMPORTANT: This form is for Prerequisite, Department, Honors, Major, Year, and Bridge permits only. It is NOT to be used for closed course permits. (If the section for which you are attempting to register is full, please rearrange your schedule in order to register for an open section. If you are unable to rearrange your schedule, please add yourself to the waitlist for your desired section.)

IMPORTANT: Please allow 2 business days (not including weekends) for processing. Please DO NOT contact the Math department to inquire about the status of your permit request until 2 business days have passed.

You will be notified via e-mail when your permit has been processed.

TRANSFER STUDENTS WHO HAVE TAKEN A PLACEMENT TEST AT NJIT: If you are a student who has recently transferred to NJIT and you have taken an NJIT math placement test, you must send an e-mail to with a copy of your placement scores attached in order for us to process a prerequisite permit.

TRANSFER STUDENTS WHO TOOK A PREREQUISITE AT ANOTHER SCHOOL: If you are a student who has taken a prerequisite class at another school, you must send an e-mail to with a copy of your transcript attached in order for us to process a prerequisite permit. You MAY be directed to see our transfer credit advisor.

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We cannot issue permits for other departments. Please request Math courses ONLY.
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List all error messages you receive when you attempt to register. Do not simply list "Errors Preventing Registration," as this is not specific enough for us to assist you.
You can cut and paste this from the registration system. If you see the message stating "Errors Preventing Registration," please hover over that message with your cursor to view a more specific error message.
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If you took a prerequisite course at another college and are waiting for it to be posted to your NJIT transcript, indicate that here and send a copy of your transcript via e-mail to
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Terms: By submitting this form you certify that all information is correct. You understand that it is your responsibility to request the correct course for your degree program and that your advisor has approved your course selection. *
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