Arizona Beagle Rescue Owner Release Form
Arizona Beagle Rescue (AZBR) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization committed to rescuing beagles throughout the State of Arizona. In Maricopa County alone, dozens of animals are euthanized daily at Animal Care and Control facilities. For this reason, much of AZBR’s efforts are focused on rescuing beagles that are on or near the euthanasia list at any Arizona shelter.

AZBR also works with out-of-state shelters and individuals to transport needy beagles into our care. We provide services to beagle owners including training assistance, breed education and helping them re-home their beagles when their circumstances no longer enable them to keep their dog.

After completing this document, please send any accompanying documents (medical forms as well as digital photos) to

We are not able to begin screening homes for your beagle until we receive the completed owner release form, medical records, vaccination history and the necessary photos. We will be unable to place your beagle without having completed a temperament test, obtaining an original signed and completed owner release from and collecting medical records and the arranged fee and donation.

In extreme circumstances, we will bring in owner surrendered beagles into our foster care but is based on the availability of foster space. We evaluate the dog fully while in foster care and then AZBR adopts the dog out directly to one of our compatible applicants. Thank you for doing everything possible to find a no-kill option for your beagle.

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