Questionnaire regarding the future of the Dutilh Family foundation
Please complete this form by March 1st 2022
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What have you noticed in recent years about our family foundation or its activities?
Have you been actively involved in the family foundation or one of its gatherings in recent years? Would you like to do more for the foundation in the future and if so, what then (for example: archive, board, anniversary committee, editorial team, website, committee on the future of the family foundation)?
What will the family foundation look like in 2050?
What should be the language of instruction?
What is the use of the foundation according to you?
Will the annual meetings continue to take place on January 1? Or do you have ideas to do this differently?
What do you think about the lustrum meetings? Ideas for improvement?
Do you ever visit our website How could we breathe more life into it? Would you be willing to take on a role of webmaster or editor, and do you have such experience?
Are you happy with the annual Dutilhiteiten? Will these remain unchanged, or will there be more articles in English? Will a hardcopy magazine be passé in 2050?
Do you have any other tips or tops for our family foundation?
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