2021 Event Application Form
Thank you for your interest in being part of our events!

This application is for entertainers, musicians and game/activity vendors interested in participating in our events. We have outlined below what we are looking for from the vendors we host at our events:

1. Brand & Reputation | Vendors that are reputable and have a strong appeal/draw in our community.

2. Variety & Originality | Vendors with unique menu items to add variety to our offerings.

3. Relationship | Vendors are part of a community. We want Vendors to enjoy working together.

If you think you would be a great addition to our events, we would love to hear from you!
Vendor Fees
Depending on the nature of your application you may or may not be required to pay a vendor fee to be part of our event. For example: We may offer vendors providing free entertainment a space for free, however, we charge vendors selling an experience, game, and/or activity.

Accepted applicants will be required to pay fees a minimum of 2 weeks prior to events. Your participation in our events is confirmed upon receipt of final payment and our receipt of your signed contract. Invoices will be issued immediately following an approved application.

Vendor fees are used for operation expenses, staffing for the event, equipment, marketing and other expenditures at the discretion of the event organizer.

Upon approval as a potential vendor, vendors will receive vendor fee information.

Vendor Fees are non-refundable. In the event that you are unable to attend an event, any refunds are at the sole discretion of the event organiser.
Vendor Requirements
Permits & Licences

Buskers must provide event organizer with copies of all permits required by municipal bi-laws.
Businesses must provide event organizer with a copy of their business licence and any permits required by municipal bi-laws.
You may be asked to provide a copy of your insurance coverage.

Arrival Time | Setup & Take-down

Vendors must be available to arrive on site at the assigned set-up time.
Vendors must be 100% ready to serve at the event start time.
Vendors must serve until the event end time.


Vendors must participate in promoting our events in a positive manner to their audiences.
The following avenues should be considered:
1. Social Media
2. Website
3. Personal Invitations
I have read and understand the event details. *
Vendor Information
Please fill out the following information in order to be considered for our events!
Act/Group/Activity/Business Name *
What entertainment do you want to provide? *
How much space do you require? *
Will you charge for your entertainment? *
Will you be asking for tips from our guests? *
Digital Footprint
Facebook Page Link
Instagram Handle
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Schedule | Availability
Are you committed to setting up for the entire duration of our events? *
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Contact Information
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