IAU Global Outreach Events 2020 | Event Calendar
Register your events in the official IAU Calendar of Outreach Global Events for 2020.

The submissions must be written in English. If you are struggling with translating your event, please reach out to us! Our translators at the IAU Astronomy Translation Network (ATN) will try to support you.

Please note that we may edit some content if needed.

All events must respect the general guideline of the IAU Global Outreach initiatives: promoting the key role of astronomy for the betterment of science and society, through collaboration and with a spirit of respect, tolerance and peace.

Any changes to events that have been already included in the calendar should be communicated to the IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach Team via public@oao.iau.org with the subject lines “IAU Outreach Event Calendar 2020 - Update”.

If you cannot access our Online Form, please send an email to our IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach Team via public@oao.iau.org with the subject line “IAU Outreach Event Calendar 2020 - Request Form”.
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