Week 33 (best of 2nd half of the season) Laws of the Game quiz 2018-2019 by Dutch Referee Blog
Test your knowledge and become a better referee! You can see your score after you submitted the form. Every month you'll have chance to win some refereeing goodies by RefsWorld UK as well. This competition closes at the end of every month.
Week 15 Q4. The goalkeeper and the taker of a penalty kick offend the Laws of the Game at the same time. None commits a more serious offence. The taker scores a goal. What does the referee decide?
1 point
Week 18 Q1. A player commits an offence against a player from her own team when the ball is in play. The offence, a push, happens on the field of play. What does the referee decide?
1 point
Week 21 Q3. Right after the referee whistles for the start of the game a player uses abusive language towards the referee. The ball has not been kicked yet. The referee shows him the red card for this. What does the referee decide?
1 point
Week 21 Q1. The ball goes out of play for a throw-in. A midfielder picks it up and throws it, not as a throw-in, recklessly at an opponent. What does the referee decide?
1 point
Week 24 Q1. A player has left the field of play with the permission of the referee. He is ready to get into the field of play again while standing besides the goal-post. He sees that a shot is going into the goal and he steps onto the field of play and kicks the ball forward. What does the referee decide?
1 point
Week 25 Q5 (28% correct). A goal is scored with an extra person on the pitch. The referee has noticed this before play has restarted. The extra person on the pitch is a team official of the team that scored the goal. What does the referee need to decide?
1 point
Week 28 Q2. A player leaves the field of play to punch the assistant coach of his own team in the face. The ball is in play. What does the referee decide?
1 point
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