CSS Dev Conf 2017 - Call for Sessions
Now in its 6th year, the CSS Dev Conference returns with a multi-track event that focuses on practical CSS takeaways with an eye to future technologies.

While the conference's focus is on CSS, we welcome presentations on Web design and building including, but not limited to:

* CSS spec
* Pre- and Post-processors (Sass, PostCSS, etc.)
* JavaScript (Apps, jQuery, Plugins, Node, etc.)
* JavaScript Task Runners (Gulp, Yarn, Grunt, etc.)
* WebPack
* React
* Angular
* Big data w/ JS-powered infographics
* Web Animations (CSS/JS/SVG)
* Web Images (JPG, GIF, SVG, etc.)
* Web workflows
* Responsive HTML emails
* Git/GitHub
* Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality
* UX
* UI
* Accessibility
* etc.

Chances are, if you can use or make CSS with it, we probably like it and other people want to hear about it, too!

Sessions are typically 40-45 minutes long with 10 minutes of Q+A from attendees. If your session is less than 30 minutes long, please be prepared to juggle or perform amazing feats of strength to fill the required time slot. Or just, you know, prepare more material.

Small note: we do not accept team or panel submissions, only solo speaker presentations.

Thanks for your interest in CSS Dev Conf 2017 New Orleans at the Hotel Monteleone!

Submission deadline: March 27 at Midnight CT.

Best of luck and we look forward to seeing you!
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