Title I Parent Survey
Please complete the following survey to assist the Port Allegany School District is designing and developing Title I, II, IV, and RLI programs for our students. We thank you in advance for your help.
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I am kept well information of all activities at my child's school. *
Have you visited the Port Allegany School District website? *
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I receive clear information regarding my child's academic progress. *
Do you check your child's academic progress through the parent PowerSchool portal? *
How often do you communicate with your child's teacher(s)? *
What is / are the best way(s) to communicate with you and your family? (check all that apply) *
Do you feel your child is safe at school? *
Please answer the following questions about the Port Allegany Elementary School and Jr.-Sr. High School
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School staff considers my opinion when it comes to decisions concerning my child.
The school is parent friendly.
Parents and volunteers have opportunities to become involved in activities that support the instructional program.
Parents are provided training and are encouraged to work with their children at home.
Teachers are caring and show encouragement when working with students and pay attention to student interests, problems, and success, both in and out of the classroom.
Students are recognized for their successes.
Physical facilities provide a secure, clean, and attractive setting where the emphasis is on academic achievement.
Do you understand your child's report cards, test, and state assessment scores?
In what grades do you currently have children enrolled at Port Allegany? *
Do you have any comments or suggestions regarding the use of federal funds at the Port Allegany School District?
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