TLA Membership (Application) Form: 2018-2019
The more complete the better: all information is stored confidentially in line with prevailing Data Protection guidelines. Membership is £35 per year and payable directly to the Treasurer upon submission of the application form. Payment plans may be available to spread the cost - please talk to the Treasurer directly.
Membership may be calculated pro-rata at the discretion of the committee and specifically for 'newbies' joining through the year.

Membership provides:
* insurance cover,
* insured, experienced instructors,
* photo ID card,
* discounts with various suppliers,
* membership to the AHA,
* club t-shirt,
* social events,
* behind the scenes/in the archive museum visits,
* experiential archaeology (e.g. spear making/forging).

You'll also be able to be able to benefit from social events, public events, and get involved in the wider HEMA scene. Only official TLA members may compete in tournaments under the TLA banner.

THE MEMBERSHIP SIGN-UP DEADLINE IS 30th September 2018 AT 17:00 hrs.
2018-2019 MEMBERSHIP IS VALID 1st October 2018 UNTIL 30th September 2019.

Is This A New Membership Application Or A Renewal? *
If Renewal, What Is Your Current TLA Membership Card Number?
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Real Name (First & Last) *
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Photography Consent 1 - Official Photos *
Explicit consent is required for the use of photographic images of you under the GDPR regulations. Whilst every situation cannot be covered, there are certain constraints that must be followed. 1) Official photos may be taken of any member when attending any official TLA session or event, and may be used without permission within the closed environment of the TLA Facebook page/chat or at club - these images are not to be shared externally to the club. "Official photos" are defined as any of of the committee, or a nominated person, use any device to record still or moving images on behalf of the TLA. Copyright of the images resides with the TLA, or the nominated person taking the photos.
Photography Consent 2 - You Taking Photos *
Explicit consent is required for the use of photographic images of you under the GDPR regulations. Whilst every situation cannot be covered, there are certain constraints that must be followed. 2) TLA Members may not take any photos of other members, or their guests, or attendees, without the express permission of the recorded persons. No photos of under 18-year old's is allowed, ever. These photos may or may not be shared to the closed TLA members group and may or may not be shared outside of the group, it is up to you to secure explicit permission with clear definition of what the intended use of the recording(s) is. "Photos" and "Recordings" mean any capture of still or moving or voice only media. Should any member ask you to remove media featuring them, even if they initially gave their consent, you must do so in a reasonable time.
Website Listing Consent *
I consent to my name appearing on the TLA website in connection to club scoring and membership status. See these pages for the current listings: and
Marketing Material Consent *
I consent to my name and/or image and/or comments being used for official promotional use by TLA. Note: Don't worry, we're not about to do a secret calendar about you or spam your image all over the internet; but we may wish to promote the club e.g. GAGAS, using material which features our members.
Marketing Communications From TLA via: *
We're not about to spam you but we want to let you know about all the great things going on at the club; this is pretty difficult if you don't let us talk to you! Please note that 3rd-party platforms such as Facebook / Messenger are covered by their own GDPR terms of use. See the TLA GDPR statement here:
Allergies & Medical Conditions *
This information is confidential and kept in a sealed envelope in a locked cupboard. Should a medical emergency occur, and if you are unable to communicate coherently, this sealed envelop will opened and used by the TLA First Aiders to assist in their decision making and will be handed to the attending paramedic or A& E professional to ensure you are treated according to your medical needs - TLA has a duty of care towards you during official sessions and we take your welfare seriously.
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Post code *
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I Consent To My Post Code Being Used For Mapping Purposes - Visualising Where TLA Members Travel From To Attend Sessions *
NOTE: (we won't pinpoint your home, just the postcode area)
Emergency Contact (Name, Relationship, Number) *
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Extra Skills (First Aid, Business, Instructor Training, Martial Arts Experience)
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Have You Been Subject To Disciplinary Procedures, Or Been Asked To Leave Any Martial Arts (Or Similar) Club? If So, Please Provide Details. *
TLA needs to ensure a safe environment for their members. Whilst a past disciplinary or exclusion from a club will not automatically exclude you from becoming a TLA member, the Committee reserves the right to do so or impose sanctions where appropriate (including back-dating them).
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Do You Have Any Unspent Convictions Or On-Going Legal Constraints? If So, Please Provide Details. *
TLA needs to provide a safe environment for its members.
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Do you hold a current DBS check?
How Did You Discover HEMA? *
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Favoured Discipline(s)
Which HEMA disciplines appeal to you?
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