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We selected some of our favorite heirlooms for you to grow in your garden. We guarantee no hybrids or GMO.  All our plants are raised chemical free with all natural practices.

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TESS' LANDRACE CURRANT TOMATO  $5.00 ea - LIMITED SUPPLY  Deliciously flavored currant sized (1/2"-3/4") tomato that originated from Maryland's southern shore. The tiny fruit of this variety vary in color; most are deep red but some are also rose, gold and yellow. The flavorful fruit grow on sprawling vines producing clusters of these intense tasting miniature tomatoes. 55-68 days Indeterminate
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YELLOW RIESENTRAUBE TOMATOES  $5.00 ea   LIMITED SUPPLY   Grows on super productive plants with pointed, grape-sized fruit.  Bright-yellow fruits have pointed ends and are borne in clusters. Full tomato taste with some acidity.   This very rare cultivar was featured in an 1850’s Harrisburg newspaper for Pennsylvania Dutch farmers.  The name of this very popular heirloom variety from East Germany means “giant bunch of grapes.”    70 Days Indeterminate
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JUANE FLAMME TOMATO  $5.00 ea   French heirloom.  Beautiful, perfectly round, small 3-5 oz fruits are bright, persimmon orange on the outside and often have a reddish orange flesh.  Sturdy plants with the fruit hanging in clusters.  Perfect for salads, garnishes, gourmet dishes, and making sauce.  70-80 Days Indeterminate but shorter vines
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GARDEN PEACH TOMATO  $5.00 ea  This unique heirloom looks very much like a small peach - it even has slightly fuzzy skin! Small, 2 oz., light-yellow fruits have a delicate, distinctive sweet flavor that's light, clean and a little bit fruit-like. A prolific producer of juicy fruits that have excellent keeping quality. Introduced to American gardens in 1862.  75 Days Indeterminate
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GERMAN LUNCHBOX TOMATO $5.00 ea   A popular heirloom from Germany.  First offered commercially in 2006 by Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds , who obtained the seed from a local gentleman in Missouri, whose family brought this tomato with them when they immigrated to the USA from Germany.   The fruit are the size of an egg, vibrant pink and sweet. Perfectly sized for salads or putting in the lunchbox!  70-80 Days Indeterminate
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AMISH PASTE TOMATO  $5.00 each 3" pots   Many seed savers believe this is the ultimate paste tomato. Giant, blocky, Roma type tomatoes (8-12oz each) have delicious red flesh that is perfect for paste, sauces, & canning.  Also wonderful for fresh slicing. This  heirloom dates back to the late 1800s.    74 days Indeterminate
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UKRANIAN PURPLE  TOMATO  $5.00 ea   This heirloom tomato is from the Ukraine. Plants have wispy foliage, produces huge amounts of purple-red, 5-7 oz., 3-4" long, oblong tomatoes with excellent sweet flavor.  They are meaty and very flavorful. One of the best tasting purplish-red tomatoes! Perfect for salads, sandwiches, slicing, salsa, sauce, puree, paste, and canning. 80 Days Indeterminate
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GERMAN PINK TOMATO $5.00  This Bavarian variety made its U.S. debut in 1883, brought here by Michael Ott, a great-grandfather of Seed Savers Exchange co-founder Diane Ott Whealy. The potato-leaf plants give high yields of 1- to 2-lb, nearly seedless meaty fruit.  This gorgeous pink fruit with tender skin is extremely versatile, excellent for canning and freezing but also for slicing and juicing.  85-90 Days Indeterminate
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PAUL ROBESON  TOMATO 3" pots $5.00 ea -   Russian heirloom one of our favorites for taste.  Brick red, 8 to 16 ounce fruits have dark green shoulders and red flesh. Flavor is exceptional with a nice balance of sweetness and acidity with a hint of smokiness. Named in honor of the famous opera singer and civil rights activist, Paul Robeson. It was because of his activism and the unyielding position that he took during the McCarthy-era, that he became a hero in the Soviet Union.   80 Days Indeterminate
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KELLOGGS BREAKFAST  TOMATO 3" pots $5.00 ea -   Thin skinned, meaty 1 pound plus tomatoes have very few seeds with a sweet tangy flavor.  The silky texture of the flesh is the crowning jewel.  Skin and Flesh are the bright orange color of fresh squeezed orange juice.   Originally bred in Michigan by a gardener named Kellogg, it is absolutely unique.    80-85 days Indeterminate
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OLD GERMAN TOMATO 3" pots $5.00 ea -This tomato was a favorite of Mennonite families from the Shenandoah Valley area of Virginia, and dates back to the mid-1800's. It is in the beefsteak family and can grow to a robust size of almost 2 pounds. The Old German tomato is bi-colored, yellow with a red center core showing through the skin. The fruit is It has outstanding flavor and few seeds; great for slicing, canning & freezing.   85 Days Indeterminate
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CALIFORNIA WONDER SWEET PEPPER  $4.00 ea - The California Wonder Pepper is your standard Heirloom green pepper bell . It is a nice sized sweet pepper that is an old time favorite.  Introduced by Burpee's in 1928.
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EMERALD GIANT SWEET PEPPER  $4.00 ea -Emerald Giant is a wonderful sweet green pepper dating to the 1960s.  The 4 x 3.5 inch fruits have 4 lobes and can turn bright red when fully ripe.  The plants grow 24 inches tall and they are a great candidate for container gardening.  Bring it inside before frost to extend your season.  Emerald Giant is good roasted, stuffed or fresh in salads.  60 -65 Days
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MUNCHER CUCUMBERS $4.00 ea - The Muncher is low acid, non-bitter, burpless, tender  cucumber that produces heavy yields and definitely a favorite!  This cucumber plant variety produces a smooth nearly spineless, tender green cucumber that is crisp and delicious.  Muncher can be pickled when young or eaten fresh when reaching 6-8″ long.   55-60 Days    Container & Trellis Friendly
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LEMON CUCUMBERS $4.00 ea - This highly productive variety is a popular market cucumber in Australia. This small round cucumber is lemon-like appearance when ripe with a faint  citrusy flavor.  Easy to digest and well-suited for pickling and fresh eating, it was listed in the 1894 catalog of Samuel Wilson of Mechanicsville, Pennsylvania. 58-70  Days    Container & Trellis Friendly
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BLACK BEAUTY ZUCCHINI  $4.00 ea  1920's heirloom zucchini.  Grows as bush-type plants.  Black Beauty is early and very productive. Although you can use this summer squash at just about any size, we start picking fruit when they are about six to eight inches long by two inches in diameter and dark green in color.   55 Days
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COCZELLE ZUCCHINI  $4.00 ea  Rich-flavored zucchini ribbed with light green stripes. This Italian heirloom was called Cocozella di Napoli in the 1800s. The term ‘zucchini’ was published in the US by California seed house Aggeler & Musser in 1921.           55 Days
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WHITE SCALLOP SQUASH  $4.00 ea  An ancient Native American heirloom squash,  This type was depicted by Europeans back to 1591, and is one of the best-tasting and highest-yielding varieties still around today!  It is in the patty pan squash family.  Great fried, roasted, or baked. Not as watery as zucchini. Flat fruit with scalloped edges--beautiful!  50 days.
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HEIRLOOM GENEVESE BASIL ($4.00 ea) Prized for its large leaves, wonderful aroma and spicy flavor.   Great for pesto, salads, pizza, and more.   Pinch plants back  to encourage more branching and greater yields.   70 days to maturity, but leaves can be harvested all season long.
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