Artificial Intelligence (AI) Survey
As part of the Grade 6 Exhibition process, we are collecting and interpreting data on the perspectives of our chosen topics. We would appreciate if you could spend five minutes filling out our survey. Please feel free to forward these survey links to family and friends as the groups would like to gather as much data as possible. All surveys are anonymous and your email addresses will not be collected.

Thank you for your support! Made by: Aina, Irene, Jiyu and Sonal

AI means...
Short definition of AI:
Artificial Intelligence is a field of study about man-made intelligence, or brain.
What is your gender? *
Which grade are you in? *
When we say AI, you think of... *
What are three words that come up when you hear the word "Artificial Intelligence" ? *
What could some negative aspects of AI be? *
What could some positive aspects of AI be? *
What kind of AI do you use everyday? (You can check more than one) *
Do you use Siri? *
If you said "Yes" then how do you use Siri?
What would you think the world of AI would look like in about 30 years? *
Do you think AI will take over our lives? *
If you said yes, then why?
Do you think AI affects our lives? *
If you said yes, what kind of ways do you think it affects us?
What thoughts come to your mind when you see this picture? *
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