Shimon Presents Spring or Summer Interim Internship Application
Hi Prospective Interns! Thank you for your interest in a Summer Interim or Spring Internship with Shimon Presents. You must be 21 years or older to apply. You should also be able to dedicate hours weekly as needed and able to work music festival events - this means being available the Sunday prior to the event through the Tuesday after! You will be contacted in January (if you are looking for school credit and have a date you need to be accepted by, please email us at amy@shimonpresents (dot)com - Be prepared for a Skype or in-person interview. Thank you - we look forward to talking with you!
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Spring or Summer Interim?
Spring interns work only from Late January through mid-May, and participate in only 1-2 Spring music festivals. Work is mostly office-related.

Summer Interim interns are more interested in managerial experience and taking on more responsibility managing the summer music festivals, and begin work in mid-March just prior to Okeechobee festival and learn managerial and processes prior to the Summer Internship begins, so that over the summer they can take on a more managerial role than straight Summer Interns.

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no one said it was going to be easy
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