Elmwood Library Survey
The Elmwood Library is seeking feedback on how to better serve the community. The following survey contains questions regarding what the library does well and how the library can improve. Please be as thorough as possible with your answers so we may get the best results. Thank you for helping us improve the Elmwood Library!
What age group are you in?
How many people are in your family?
In continuation with question 2, mark the age(s) of your family members.
Mark all the genres that you and/or your family check out from the library.
How often do you visit the Elmwood Library?
Please list your reasons below if you have NOT visited the library in the past year.
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What is your main reason for coming to the library?
On your last visit, did you accomplish your reason for going to the library?
Are you a member of the Elmwood Library?
What do you think the library does well?
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What would you like to see the library add/change?
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In what ways do you think the library could be more involved in the community?
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What hours would you like to see the library open?
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What other events would you like to see the library have available?
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If the library offered a family movie night, would you attend?
Overdrive is an online system that allows the check-out of eBooks. Would you be interested in learning how to use Overdrive at the library?
Please also help the Elmwood Village by taking their survey at www.tinyurl.com/elmwoodvillage
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