Steemdiffuser Delegation
Goal: Utilizing Steem Power to maximize returns while helping grow one of the best upvote communities.

-Minimum Steem Power Delegation allowed is 5000 SP.
- Delegators will receive 50% of weekly income based on their share. (Example: You delegated half of Steemdiffusers overall SP and the weekly intake is 100 SBD, your share as 50% owner is 25 SBD. (50% x 100=50SBD, split between the bot and you as a delegator)
-50% of the bids go directly to powering up the bot until it reaches an undelegated power of 100,000 SP.
-Your share will ramp up from 50% to 100% when the bot is fully funded with its own, undelegated, Steem Power of 100,000 SP. At this point you are fully vested in your share of ownership.
- Weekly payouts will occur on a manual basis and may not occur at the same time every week.
- There are no guarantees on earnings as demand for the bot fluctuates.
- The bot also has a trail voting community that will continue to grow as demand for the bot grows. The trail allows for larger than average intake as compared to an upvote bot that does not have its own voting trail.
- The upvote bot and trail are ran on a virtual private server allowing for longer periods of uptime with minimal interruption in service.

For info only:
- Other upvote bot features in include: Automated refunds for various invalid bids (Lower than minimum bid, invalid url, multiple votes on same post, posts >6.5 days old)

You may Opt out at anytime and your delegation will be reversed at your request. Thank you for your support!

* All information is private and will not be shared with any third party.
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