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Age Group *
Gender *
Race *
Residing State / Country *
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Phone Number *
Identity Card Number Ā / Passport Number *
Education Background *
Your highest qualification, field and the corresponding institution.Ā 

Example :Ā 
1. Degree, Chemical Engineering, UTP.Ā 
2. SPM, SMK Seksyen 27 Shah Alam.Ā 
3. Diploma, UiTM Shah Alam.Ā 
4. Masters, Polymer Science, UM.Ā 
5. PhD, Membrane Technology & Food Processing, Unisza.
Occupation / Working Background (If applicable)
Your current/latest working experience - Role & Organisation.

Example :Ā 
1. Property Agent, Freelance.Ā 
2. Cashier, KK Mart.Ā 
3. Mechanical Engineer, Proton.Ā 
4. English Teacher, SMK Sri Muda.Ā 
5. Actor, Freelance.
Additional Skills
Aside from manpower, kindly share if you have other skills to help. Can pick more than 1 skill.
Network Sharing
Is there anyone you know who could help YCM grow in terms of influence / funding / support? Share their relation to you, possible support and corresponding background. You may list out more than 1 network.

Example :Ā 
1. Father, Funding, Businessman.
2. Friend, UKM Student Influence, SRC/MPP President.
3. Uncle, Support, Ministry of Youth and Sports.Ā 
4. Brother, UTeM Influence and Environment Subject Matter Expert, Environment and Sustainability Lecturer.
5. Cousin, Mass Influence, YouTuber.
6. Etc
Where did you find out about YCM? *
Are you interested to join YCM as a committee? *
AgreementĀ ofĀ Indemnity and UndertakingĀ YouthCare Malaysia
As a youth-led NGO, YouthCare Malaysia is always proud and appreciates everyone who takes part in our program whether as volunteers, participants or committee members. We are highly committed for the safety, health and the environment during and after our program. Therefore everyone's well-being during the program has been our top priority which enshrined in YCM Code of Conduct.

Prior to any program, all participants/volunteers are required to read and agree to YCM Indemnity and Undertaking clause in order to be eligible for the program.

Consent Submission
YouthCare Malaysia ("YCM") hereby consents for the above mentionedĀ Participant/Volunteer to undergo the program as per mention above and will as much as possible assist theĀ Participant/VolunteerĀ in whatsoever situation arising from any cause in connection with the Program.
  1. I am fully aware of the risk and accept the the same.
  2. I am enrolling for the program as mention on my own volition and shall not hold YCM, and it's beneficiaries management,Ā participantsĀ andĀ facilitators of the program, responsible or in any way liable for my injury, disability, or any loss or damage arising from any cause in connection with the volunteers activity therein.
  3. I hereby indemnify and agree to keep the YCM, and the program facilitators, participants, and management indemnified against all claims, loss or damageĀ arising from any cause in connection with the student activity therein.
  4. I undertake to uphold the good name of YCM, and it's beneficiaries and abide by theĀ Code of Conduct of YouthCare Malaysia, host of the program, and any relevant rules and regulations at all times during the program. I shall not hold the YCM responsible for my misconduct or wrongdoing at all times during the program.
  5. I have read and understood theĀ Code of Conduct of YouthCare MalaysiaĀ and agree to comply to all clauses during my participation of the event.
  6. I undertake that I have sufficient funds to cover my personal expenses other than the program.
  7. I undertake not to breach the terms and conditions of the program between myself and the program's organizer
  8. I will comply with the safety standards and regulations, including health and safety procedures in relation to its committees, volunteers and stakeholders.Ā  Ā 

Based on the amendment mention above. IĀ (name above),Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā Ā Ā with the conditions and policies provided by the organization.

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