This is a short survey to asses your interest in the issue of trauma and resilience in the social sector. We are interested to know more about how trauma and resilience have impacted you, your staff, participants and the community in which you work
1. Could you give us the name, web address and brief description of your work and/or organization?
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2. Does your work explicitly address trauma? For (e.g. child abuse, sexual violence, intimate partner or community violence, conflict, PTSD...)
3. How significant an impact do you think that trauma has on the people with whom your organization works?
Very limited impact
Very significant impact
4. Could you give us one or two examples of how trauma shows up in your work? This could be examples of individual, organizational, or community level trauma.
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5. Have you seen staff members or colleagues in your field develop negative coping patterns that stem from the trauma they are exposed to at work?
6. If you answered yes to question 5 would you give us a brief example of how this shows up?
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7. Are you interested in discussing ways that could strengthen your organizations ability to address trauma and strengthen resilience?
If you answered YES, please share your e mail address so that we can be in touch and THANK YOU!
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