Tower Gardens Park: your views!
We are trying to build up the Friends of Tower Gardens Park, and it would be great to get your opinions on the park and how we might all work together to make it better. You can find out a bit more about the park here: You can answer as many or as few of the questions below as you like.

If you've got any questions then do drop the Friends a line on Feel free to forward this to local friends and neighbours as well.
This map of the park might help you answer the following questions:
What do you like about Tower Gardens Park at the moment?
What do you think needs improving or changing?
What do you think the priorities of the Friends should be over the next year? (tick as many as you like)
What would you be most interested in getting involved with, either on your own or in a group?
We have a mailchimp mailing list to keep people updated about what's going on. You can sign up for it here: or alternatively give us your details below and we'll add you on.
Would you like to join the Friends' mailing list?
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If so, what's your email address?
And finally, what's your biggest dream for Tower Gardens?
That's it! Thank you for your time. We'll share the results of this survey on the mailing list. In the meantime feel free to get in touch with us on with any other ideas or thoughts.
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