SummerStudio Design Thinking 2020 SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION
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Criteria for Eligibility and Process:
Scholarship award funds derive from monies donated to the Design-Ed Coalition, our event organizer, with the specific purpose of supporting participants of SummerStudio Design Thinking 2020.

The purpose of the scholarship is to support applicants who have financial needs – the intent is to cover all or a portion of the registration fees.

Registrants who attend as a team are strongly encouraged. The goal is to support the implementation and scalability of design thinking for solutions that tackle real-life challenges that are relevant to you, as well as your students and community.

Also, it is strongly encouraged that applicants are members of the National Art Education Association (NAEA).
To learn more, please visit:

The deadline for submitting this online application is Monday, April 27, 2020
If additional funding becomes available, a second application deadline will be May 11

> Team members of 2 to 3 who receive a scholarship will receive a minimum award of one full-tuition scholarship ($449).
> Accepted team members of 4 or more who receive a scholarship, will receive a minimum of 1 1/2 tuition of scholarship funding ($674).
> Note: once awardees have been notified, the non-refundable team balance for registration is due by May 8, 2020.

Please contact Jan Norman at or Cindy Todd at

> If an applicant is part of a team, EACH member must complete/submit an online application
> Each team will choose a designated team-lead who is responsible for paying the required balance
> Payment instructions will be included in the scholarship award letter via an email message
> Applications will be reviewed by an independent scholarship panel using an equitable review process

> Below is an overview of the scoring rubric:
- Team participation includes two or more from school or community
- Title I affiliation; evidence of a strong financial need to support participation
- Application of design thinking; how instructional practices will benefit student learning/outcomes
- Impact of professional learning experience on the replication of skills and knowledge learned
- The compelling case describes the benefits of participation
- Status of NAEA membership

> Awardees will be notified no later than Friday, May 1, 2020

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