Excell IT - Incident Resolution Survey
Please let us know how we performed while resolving your incident.
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What is your incident number?
You can find this in the subject line of the automatic notification email.
Did you receive a confirmation email for your support request indicating your incident number? *
This would be sent to the email used to notify us of an incident. (Only applicable if we are notified by email)
How quickly were you able to contact a technician? *
After calling or emailing, how soon did you get to speak with or receive a reply from a technician?
Do you feel that your incident was resolved in a timely manner? *
Not in a timely manner
in a timely manner
How do you feel about the knowledge and ability of the technician to resolve your issue efficiently? *
Not knowledgeable
Extremely knowledgeable
What was the name of the technician who assisted you?
How would you describe the etiquette of the technician who assisted you? *
Rate your overall satisfaction of the service you were provided. *
Very Dissatisfied
Very Satisfied
How would you prefer us to contact you? *
While troubleshooting an issue, how do you prefer that we deliver updates and seek additional information?
If you have any suggestions or concerns regarding how we could improve the services we provide you, please enter them in the box below.
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