COVID-19 Rent Survey UC Housing
This unprecedented health crisis is impacting us all in a variety of ways. Many people in our community are out of work and will not be able to pay their rent.

We demand that UC Housing cancel rent payments until this crisis has passed, and make sure that any future rents will not exceed 30% of student incomes.

To bring UC Housing to the bargaining table, join your fellow residents of UC Housing and withhold your rent.

Your information will not be shared beyond the SuspendRentUC organizing team.

**Please use a non-UC email address**
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Which campus are you based at? *
What building/ housing unit do you live in?
How many children and/or other dependents live in your unit? *
What was your rent burden (% of income that goes to rent) before the COVID-19 crisis?
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What is your rent burden (% of income that goes to rent) now?
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Has your ability to afford rent been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis?
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Explain your answers above. What are some things you do already, or will need to do to make ends meet if rents continue as is through this crisis?
Affordability (rent will be 30% or less of income) for All
Can you afford rent in APRIL? (will it be 30% or less of your income?)
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Will you be able to afford rent for MAY?
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Will you be able to afford rent for JUNE?
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Will you be able to afford rent for the SUMMER (July, August, September)?
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Will you strike for rent relief?
Housing has stated that they will not charge late fees for April. Do you plan to withhold your rent in April? *
UC has agreed to suspend the assessment of housing-related *late fees* for April. Will you join us in delaying your rent payment so we can pressure UC housing to waive rent during the COVID-19 crisis.
How likely are you to consider withholding your rent in the future, whether for your own financial need or in solidarity with low-income residents who are unable to pay? *
Very unlikely (I would pay rent)
Very likely (I would withhold rent)
Please share any other comments or questions you have below.
Thank you!
We appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey. We'll be in touch with information as it develops. Please email us at and join our Facebook Group at
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