BAM & Coronavirus - How Should We Respond?

We recommend you reading Mats Tunehag's blog first:

The Coronavirus Pandemic and BAM: Seven Things We Can Do

All of the questions below are optional, so you can answer some and not others – we encourage you to share on whichever you have ideas for!

Thanks for your ideas and input!
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1. How else can we PRAY for BAMers and BAM business?
2. How else can we HELP businesses practically, both local and far away?
3a. Do you know of contingency FUNDS available for BAM companies?
3b. Do you know of MENTORS that are willing, qualified and available to help companies?
3c. Do you have practical suggestions regarding helpful CONNECTIONS for BAM companies?
4. What other encouraging initiatives do you know of that are HELPING THE POOR during this crisis?
5. What books, articles, videos, and podcasts do you RECOMMEND? What are you LEARNING during this season?
6. What are you and your business and/or organization doing to REGROUP to better face the new future?
Any OTHER RESOURCES and initiatives that you are aware of that could help BAMers through the Covid crisis?
Please include URL if possible
What other creative ways do you think BAM Global and BAM Resources could SUPPORT and STRENGTHEN BAM during this pandemic?
Share your ideas on how you think we could serve the BAM movement during this time
Are you aware of NEEDS from BAM companies that others in the community could answer?
What needs are there in your network?
Anything else you'd like to add?
We appreciate your response!
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