Steller Parent Volunteer Opportunities
The more we work together, the better we know one another, the more our students and the Steller comunity will thrive. All of us are needed here at Steller. Steller parents are encouraged to volunteer and share in our community. Please indicate any and all areas where you are willing to help.
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Volunteer Opportunities During School Hours
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Volunteer Opportunities
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Auction Helpers; Date TBD
This is the big fundraiser for the year and we always need a lot of help. Please check any and all areas where you would be willing to help. We will contact you with more information about what is involved.
Planning Committee
Bring Dessert/Food
Computer/Data Entry
Help Day of the Auction
Set up/Clean up
Auction Item and Basket Prep
Call me to help where needed
Parent Liaison / Coordinator for Advisory Group
Indicate by saying "YES" and list the name of the Advisor. Works with the student's advisor to coordinate parents in the group for events and service activities.
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Temple of the Bean
Supervise students for 45 minute openings. Check hours you'd be available.
Steller Olympics
(Event ran by the 7th graders) This is a fun day focused on Advisory bonding. Each Advisory hosts competitions and everyone competes to help their team win. Teams also dress up and we hold a picnic lunch. Parents are needed to help with lunch set up and clean up.
Activity Day
Various parent opportunities throughout the year
Open House / Ice Cream Social
New Student Recruitment event
Winter Prom
12th grade is responsible for this event
Halloween Trail (fundraiser)
Contact Marianne or your students Advisor for more information
Your answer
Spring Prom
11th graders are responsible for this event.
Recruiting / Elementary School Visits
All Community Meetings
Senior Graduation Breakfast
10th graders are responsible for this event
Orientation Lunch (Date TBD)
8th graders are responsible for this
Graduation Event
Sophomore Day
Staff the library when staff is not available. No experience necessary.
Staff Appreciation Lunches (Monthly)
Coordinate two advisory groups each month to bring food, set up and clean up on the 4th Wednesday of each month.
Souper Steller
Help prepare a noon meal for Steller students. Souper Steller needs new leadership in the kitchen this year. If you have questions, please indicate so, and the parent group will follow up.
Requires signed insurance form. Please see Janet in the office.
Driver's needed during first few days of school (Kincaid park field trip)
Grades 9 thru 12 are going on a field trip to Kincaid park during the first few days of school. Drivers for each grade are needed. Please indicate your availability and indicate which grade you are driving for. Contact Leigh Anne for more information.
Dances each month, prom 2x/yr, and all night activity night in April
Steller Directory Assistance
Data entry and assembling.  Done at the beginning of the school year from home.
Website Support  
The Steller website is managed solely by Parent Group.  There is no ASD staff involved.  We maintain, update, organize the website, and post notices to the Steller Flash.  Previous experience with wordpress is helpful but NOT necessary.
Item not listed here?
Please indicate an event you would like to be a part of, or how you would like to be involved at Steller in general.
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Tell us a little about yourself.
There are many opportunities for parents to be involved with our students' education. Your skills, experience and passions can benefit our learning community in the classroom, an intensive, a mentorship, or passage. One of our students or teachers may be looking for just the skill that you have! If there are two parents or other adults in the family that you would like to include, please do so. What is your job, career, special skill, or hobbies. Thanks for sharing
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