Oregon Youth Ultimate - 2020 YCC Coaching Application
Please review the 2020 YCC information Sheet to better understand the schedule. The coaching applications will be accepted until Friday February 14th. Coaches will be selected based off of strength of application and coaching experience. All YCC coaching teams will be announced February 28th.
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Are you a current USAU approved chaperone? *Includes having background check and dues up to date. *
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Please briefly outline Youth, College, and/or Club playing experiences and highest finishes. *
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Please briefly outline Youth, College, and/or Club coaching experiences. If you have had no ultimate coaching experiences, please take a moment to reflect on a previous or current ultimate coach or leader that you believe will shape your coaching style. *
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As a coach, you will be required to pass a background check and be safe sport certified. Are you aware of any issues that may arise during a background check? *
The typical YCC training schedule begins at the beginning of June. Please list any anticipated schedule conflicts that you are aware of. List any dates that you know that you will not be available. *
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