FAST PHYSICS: School Field Trip Registration Form (max 40 students)
Teachers: please complete this form for your FAST Field Trip and 'submit' when complete.
Dave Doucette will confirm receipt of your submission asap by email.
Studio location: 2 Denison Rd W, in west-end Toronto, close to the 401 and 400 highways.
Studio contact: Dave Doucette (c)289-221-2265
Section 1: School Information & Date(s) for Field Trip
FIELD TRIP FEE (3.0 h workshop):
$32.00 (plus HST) per student (maximum = 40 students)
The minimum # of students is 22*.
*If less than 22 students attend, the minimum cost = $32.00 x 22 (plus HST).

To; 'FAST Motion Studios Inc'
You may pay by credit card or cheque on the field trip date, or we can invoice your school after the trip, as fits your school policy.
If mailing payment, please address to: Paul Rapovski, President, FAST Motion Studios, 2 Denison Rd W, York, ON M9N 1C1.

School Name /Address/Phone *
ex: FAST STEM High School, 2 Denison Rd W, York, Ont, 289-221-2265
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School Contact person(s), position(s) & email address(es) *
ex; Dave Doucette, physics teacher,
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Preferred Date of Field Trip: 1st choice & est time of arrival *
ex. Nov 27 2015 8:30 AM
Preferred Date of Field Trip: 2nd choice & est time of arrival *
ex. Nov 27 2015 12:30 PM
Section 2: Class(es) attending the field trip and estimated student numbers
You may have students from one or more courses participating. In this case select the est. number of students from each course level: SPH3U/4U/4C or grades 7/8. If none from a course level (ex SPH4U) are attending, select 'none' .
SPH3U and est number of students *
SPH4U and est number of students *
SPH4C and est number of students *
Grade 7 and est. # of students *
Grade 8 and est. # of students *
Other classes attending and number of students
ex; gr 9 communications technology/15-20 students
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Special Needs & Accommodations
please indicate if students require special consideration and the type of accommodation suggested.
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Gr 11/12 Physics & Grade 7/8 Lesson Concepts
PHYSICS 3U/4U/4C: In the three physics courses below, select topics you would like to see emphasized in the concept lesson.

2017 UPDATE: topics for 3U/4U/4C have been consolidated in a pdf of questions & answers, allowing topics to be covered in class. This permits more time to be spent on stunt action at the studio.

GRADES 7/8: select science & technology topics you would like to see emphasized in the concept lesson. Topics from gr 3,4,5 would be briefly revisited in this authentic context, reinforcing the cyclical scaffolding of content in science & technology learning.

SPH3U topics
SPH4U topics
SPH4C topics
Grade7/8 topics
Additional Information
indicate any questions you have or additional information you would like to add;
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Section 5: Cancellation Policy
Our cancellation policy is a 48 h notice by way of email or phone to, 289-221-2265. Barring emergent conditions*, should cancellation occur with less than 48 h notice we require a 50% payment to cover our loss of revenue and staff costs . There are no costs if notice is given with more than 48 h notice.

* 'Emergent conditions' include unforseeable events such as: extreme weather, road closures, school lockdowns and similar events. In those situations we ask you notify us as soon as is practicable, given the circumstances. Thank you for your consideration.

Checking the box below indicates you have read and agree to the terms of the cancellation policy. *
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