Is your child in the right seat? Ask me...I'm Crazy For Car Seats!
Find out whether your child is in the right seat for his or her age/weight/height No personal information or emails are necessary! Results will be posted in an anonymous form

NOTE: Please complete a new form for each child. By completing this form you acknowledge that a response to this questionnaire does not constitute a full seat check, therefore I cannot confirm that any seat is installed 100% correctly. It also cannot evaluate the quality, safety, or condition of your car seat, or guarantee your child's safety during a collision. You also understand that a properly used child safety seat can reduce fatal injury by 71% and that it is important to read both your vehicle and car seat manuals. Entering your answers here will help to determine whether you've avoided many commonly found mistakes.
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Car Seat Brand/Model (please include as much as possible...i.e. not just "graco") *
Car seat manufacture date, if visible without uninstalling. (this info is on a sticker on the seat). You may also give the year of when you bought it.
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Where is the seat installed? Row AND Position (e.g. 2nd row middle; 3rd row driver side) *
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