Cost of Living in San Mateo County

We are Stanford students in the International Urbanization Seminar: Cross-Cultural Collaboration for Sustainable Urban Development class, as part of the Human Cities Initiative (, and are working on a project with Sustainable San Mateo County, SSMC (

We are working with them on their 2017 Key Indicator Report, which will be on "Cost of Living" - an examination of the factors that make San Mateo County a high-cost area, their interrelationships, and their impact on individual and community sustainability. In addition to the current affordable housing crisis, the report will examine transportation,
healthcare, education, access to healthy food, childcare, wages, and other issues.

More about the Annual Key Indicators Reports from SSMC:

"Indicators for a Sustainable San Mateo County (Indicators Report) is an ongoing publication to
provide fact-based information on local trends impacting our economy, environment, and
society. Propelled by the philosophy “what gets measured, gets managed,” the Report presents
indicators that raise awareness of sustainability in the county and improve our ability to make
sound decisions for the benefit of future generations. The indicators will be used by
governments, businesses, civic groups, and nonprofit organizations to set goals, measure
progress towards achieving them, and prioritize the allocation of scarce resources. In addition to
the indicators, the Report highlights success stories, showcases positive changes that local
governments and businesses are making, and presents resources for individuals to take action."

The Cost Of Living in San Mateo County project will be showcased along with other Human Cities Initiative projects at the Human Cities Expo at the Stanford Design School on Dec. 7 (

TL;DR: ***In this survey, we are gathering information on household budgets in San Mateo County.***

-Michaela Crunkleton, Lena Blackmon, Tran Lam, and Flora Wang

 Please email with any questions.

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