Week 7 - Essay Proposal Status
Essay proposals are due next Tuesday night, Oct 30, by midnight. At this proposal stage, we just want you to re-do the last tutorial brainstorm, but in a more finished and edited way.

Give me a sense of your progress, to help guide me how to review the instructions today!

Have you chosen a topic yet? *
Have you selected an example documenting that topic yet? (ie. web page, news item, video, small set of social posts or hashtag, magazine ad or article, poster or picture) --- JUST ONE interesting example for the proposal. *
Have you selected a course concept that will help to interpret that example sociologically? --- JUST ONE interesting one for the proposal. *
Have you searched "Sociological Abstracts" for possible research articles to help interpret the example? --- JUST ONE related article for the proposal. *
Have you written a working hypothesis or "thesis statement" (or can you?) *
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