Pilipinx Leadership Internship Program (PLIP) Application | Spring 2023
Welcome! Thank you for your interest in the Pilipinx Leadership Internship Program (PLIP)!

Samahang's Pilipinx Leadership Internship Program (PLIP) provides members with the opportunity to foster their investment in the Pilipinx & Pilipinx-American community, development as student leaders, and understanding of Samahang Pilipino and their own Pilipinx identities. Participants of the internship will attend weekly meetings, participate in skill building activities, and shadow a Samahang Pilipino Board member of their preference. The program's Mission Statement is "to inspire confident, critical, and community-centered Pilipino & Pilipino-American student leaders."

-- Why PLIP?
PLIP is a perfect opportunity to make connections with other Pilipinx & Pilipinx-American students and find your place within Samahang Pilipino (SP). You will partake in the development of your advocacy skills to use within campus and beyond, the unique experiences of shadowing an SP Board member of your choice, interactions with community- based organizations, and collaborations with other internship programs on campus! PLIP interns will also be sharing their experiences about their Pilipinx identity and learning about SP and other student-based advocacy groups in a weekly class. By the end of the year, PLIP interns will have the confidence and resources to succeed as a leader in any campus organization, all while forming close bonds with each other and learning to appreciate their Pilipinx identities more!

-- Responsibilities:
1) Fulfill all requirements as given by the board member you are paired with (see link below)
2) Attend class once a week
3) Quarterly Projects
4) Attend SP GMs and events
5) Attend All-Internship Collective

-- Qualifications:
Anyone who is interested in serving your community, understanding more about yourself and your identity, and developing your leadership is welcome to apply!

-- Interested?
The internship applications will be open on Friday, March 10 and close on Friday, March 24 at 11:59pm. Classes will begin on Tuesday, April 4 at 5:00-6:30pm.

If you have further questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Ethan Azurin via email spucla.education@gmail.com or via phone number (909) 782-0749.



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