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During the Fall of 2019 and the Spring of 2020, the Graduate Programs in Sustainability at Bard College are sponsoring a national (US) speakers network of university faculty and climate and clean energy experts to deliver talks for no charge on campuses and in communities. The topic of the talks: "Can We Solve Climate Change by 2030? Solar Dominance + Citizen Action". Within this broad framework, speakers are expected to bring their own perspective to the topic. By "Solve Climate" we mean be substantially down the road towards the solution set for power and transport that will achieve the Paris goal of 2 degrees C (or better).

The hypothesis driving this project is that solving climate in the next 10 years could be achieved through the combination of a global, market-driven disruptive energy transition in the 2020's + active citizen action to drive smart policy solutions-- in solar, wind, efficiency, storage, refrigerant management, carbon storage and all the other climate solutions.  Could a rapid global market transition to solar, storage and electric vehicles, coupled with policy-driven investments in efficiency and other renewable energy sources put us on a path towards large-scale (if not complete) decarbonization of the energy and transport sectors by 2030?  How much of this transition is baked in by economic forces-- rapidly declining costs for solar, storage and autonomous EV's, along with new business models in transport and energy-- and how much will depend on policy choices? What would this transition mean for equitable access to reliable power and green jobs?

We have introduced the term "Solar Dominance" to capture the idea that most observers see solar PV as becoming the "dominant backbone" of an electrified global energy system over the coming decades: the question is not if, but how soon. And of course, wind and hydro power power are also, ultimately, renewable solar power.

Speakers accepted into the network agree to deliver at least three talks if invited to do so at schools and other organizations within their region. Speakers cannot receive payments or honoraria for talks set up through the network.

Over the summer of 2019, Bard GPS will sponsor a series of one-hour, on-line workshops for network speakers to meet, discuss the topic, and plan their talks. A set of slides will also be distributed, from which speakers will be free to choose to develop their own presentations. Over the year, GPS will also provide online discussion forums for speakers to further discuss the topic, share their experiences, and refine their presentations.  

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and speakers will be notified regarding a decision to be included in the network upon review. Please direct questions to Dr. Eban Goodstein,
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