2021-22 Sunday School Registration
Please complete this no later than August 31st!

We're revamping our Sunday School a bit! We're moving to a weekly rotation model.

The pattern will be...

-1st Sunday - Traditional Sunday School
-2nd Sunday - Service Event
-3rd Sunday - "VBS Style" Sunday School
-4th Sunday - "Sunday Off" & Sunday School Students Leading Praise Team at 10:30 worship, as well as Milestone Sunday.
-5th Sunday - "Sunday Off."

There are a few things we're going to accomplish with this model:
-We hope to have our young people/church to be a little more active/service oriented.
-We're moving to a system which will be easier to supply adult leaders/teachers, and also, to use our dads! Dads rarely want to teach Sunday School. But put them in charge of some service project, and they're in!
-We want to be a church that understands family life is busy. The church exists for people, and not the other way around. We expect "Sunday Off" to sound pretty great to the ears of our families with difficult schedules.

Sunday School begins on September 12th!
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