Jockey Hollow/STEM Student Survey 2024
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Groups of students exclude others and make them feel badly for not being part of the group. *
On an average weekday, how many hours do you spend in afterschool activities including sports, music, dance, drama, clubs, etc? *
Students at my school will try to stop other students from insulting or making fun of others. *
If I am bullied/harassed at school, I can get help from an adult. *
On average, how much time do you spend on homework (including reading and studying time), per night, Monday through Friday? *
The school provides education surrounding appropriate social media use/cyber bullying.   *
On average, how much of your assigned homework do you complete? *
Students are bullied online. *
Students on my  bus are respectful.
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Of your homework time, how much is spent reading per night, Monday through Friday? *
I understand how to access my grades, attendance and assignment information.  
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If you walked into a class upset, would the teacher be concerned?
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Is there an adult at Jockey Hollow that you trust and can go to for help?
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Of your homework time, how much is spent studying for tests and quizzes per night, Monday through Friday? *
In my school, adults treat students fairly. *
My parents/guardians are made to feel welcome at my school. *
The majority of my teachers are respectful towards me *
In my  school, there are clear rules against physically hurting other people (i.e.. hitting, pushing, or tripping) *
I have seen students at my school being physically hurt by other students more than once (i.e.. pushed, slapped, punched or beaten up) *
Do you bring your own laptop, Chromebook or other device to school? *
How often do you worry about violence at your school? *
I feel safe at school. *
How often do students get into physical altercations in your school? *
Students at my school have respect for their teachers. *
Students show respect for other students. *
Teachers at my  school have respect for their students. *
I enjoy attending school.   *
Teachers at school teach with enthusiasm. *
The school climate supports my learning.   *
Students at my school respect each other's differences (i.e.. gender, race, culture, disability, sexual orientation, learning differences, etc) *
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