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In wake of federal deportation threats directed against our immigrant community, it is imperative now more than ever to practice resistance on a whole other level to protect ourselves and our loved ones. The Immigrant Liberation Movement composed of grassroots immigrant organizers, faith leaders and immigration attorneys are coming together to build a community-led migra defense model aimed at expanding community resistance against mass deportations.

We present you with Community Defense Workshop, which is grounded in the power of an organized community because a strong community is one that is organized. The goal of this workshop is to provide a undocumented community members with three main deportation prevention and preparation tools: 1) Practice of Know Your Rights 2) Emergency Plan Preparation and 3) Access to our Migra Watch Hotline

Complete the form below to schedule the next Community Defense Workshop in your community! One of our ILM members will follow up with you to coordinate further.

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The Immigrant Liberation Movement (ILM) is a movement of organizers, directly impacted community members, and allies. We believe that a fundamental change in immigration and human rights policy is possible through our community's self-determination to resist and fight oppression. We advocate for immigrant justice through 1) self-defense programs including family preparedness and deportation defense trainings for undocumented immigrants, and 2) programs for allies including Migra Watch and rapid response coordination with other networks. ILM was created by the California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance, East Bay Immigrant Youth Coalition, Faith in Action Bay Area/PICO California, and Pangea Legal Services.

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