Educator Funds Request: funding for training, workshops, professional development opportunities, books, curriculum resources, student enrichment activities, guest speakers.
Whatcom CARE has grant funds to support K-12 educators, administrators and PTA/PTOs who are eager to create more inclusive, multicultural, and anti-racist schools and activities for our diversifying student population. These funds are specifically for public schools in Whatcom County.

Funds can cover workshops, training, professional development opportunities, classroom materials, books, and other curriculum resources, projects, enrichment activities, or guest speakers that help educators towards incorporating anti-racist and culturally responsive pedagogy into their classrooms.

If you have further questions, please email us at:

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Please describe your choice above in more detail to allow us to determine how it connects with our mission, which includes: transforming K-12 public schools in Whatcom County such that schools are a space where values of anti-racism, equity, social justice, and inclusion are ingrained into the education system and classroom culture. *
Have you sought input or collaboration from other teachers or members of the school community in identifying this need for funding? *
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This work is more effective when learning is shared with others in your network or circle of influence, including your co-workers and the people you report to. It is also more transformative and when it actively changes how you engage with the students you serve. If we fund your request, we ask that you pledge to do one or more of the following - please check all that apply. *
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