End of semester evaluation
Completely optional, but I would appreciate it very much!!! These are completely anonymous - even though you are required to sign in with google I promise I don't collect your email addresses
Which Recitation did you ATTEND *
This was my first semester with the recordings and having digital stuff. The following questions deal with the technology and I would love some feedback! ******** Put NA if you have no comment. *********
For those that have seen me do chalkboard work (A few recitations/Previous classes like 114), or have strong opinions about this: Do you prefer chalkboard work or following my computer screen on a projector? Why? (Some response areas I'm looking for: pacing, interactiveness with class, etc).
In general, what is your opinion on having a recording of the recitation and the review sessions? (Comments on helpfulness/convenience would be appreciated)
PLUG and CHUG videos: What's your verdict on these?
Your AC buzzing in the background is really annoying
Actual examples in a math class!? Unbelievable!!
PLUG and CHUG videos: Any comments?
In order to incentivize attendance at recitations, do you think it is a good idea to have different examples for the other recitations (besides the one that is recorded)?
Do you have any other comments, complaints, or suggestions about my use of technology?
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