SRR - Mill Cities Relay Sign Up Form - Dec 2, 2018
Please sign up by TUESDAY, November 13th to guarantee a spot. Teams will be made & announced the week of Thanksgiving.

The 35th Annual Mill Cities Relay Invitational is taking place on December 2nd, 2018. The Somerville Road Runners are proud to be a part of the Mill Cities Alliance. Please consult the website for relay rules & important course information:

The club that fields the most teams will be awarded the Dave LaBrode Team Participation Brick.

The Mill Cities Relay has been in existence since 1984, and the Somerville Road Runners have been in the top-3 10 times.

2002: 1. Winners Circle 59, 2. MVS 53, 3. SRR 39
2003: 1. Winners Circle 40, 2. SRR 30, 3. North Shore Striders 21
2004: 1. Winners Circle 70, 2. Gate City 58, 3. SRR 48
2010: 1. Gate City 117, 2. Winners Circle 103, 3. SRR 92
2011: 1. Gate City 117, 2. SRR 105, 3. Winners Circle 103
2012: 1. Gate City 127, 2. SRR 109, 3. Greater Lowell 106
2013: 1. Gate City 114, 2. SRR 97, 3. Greater Lowell 96
2014: 1. Gate City 145, 2. Winners Circle 127, 3. SRR 118
2015: 1. Gate City 133, 2. Winners Circle 124, 3. SRR 123
2016: 1. Gate City 136, 2. SRR 120, Athletic Alliance RC
2017: 4th (sad face)


Once again, the club will be paying for your team's entry. We will be spreading our strengths around making the most-competitive teams in as many categories as possible. We will try our best to match you with friends if you indicate it (we are hoping to sort out over 150+ Somerville Road Runners, so go easy on us, alright?)

Note: has your neighbor been talking about running a race for a while, and you think getting to be part of a relay team will be the nudge needed to get him/her in the black & gold for years to come? Get that person involved!

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This is an entirely club-run event. Every course official is a member of a Mill Cities Alliance Club, of which SRR is a member. We are one of the biggest clubs so we should be volunteering in large numbers before or after we run! We will be at Police monitored crossings at the bridge after the 2-3 handoff and near the finish line.
Mill Cities Relay Division / Age Groups
Team divisions [5 runners]:
Male Open (18-29), Female Open (18-29), Coed Open (18-29), Male Sub-Masters (30-39), Female Sub-Masters (30-39), Coed Sub-Masters (30-39), Male Masters (40+), Female Masters (40+), Coed Masters (40+), Male Seniors (50+), Coed Seniors (50+), Male Veterans (60+).

Sunshine start team divisions [3 runners]:
Female Seniors (50+), Female Veterans (60+), Coed Veterans (60+), Male Ancients (70+), Female Ancients (70+), Coed Ancients (70+).

Race Division? *
Based on age on race day (12/2/2018).
Relay Legs
Please see the course map for leg descriptions.
Route is approx 27 miles.
Preferred Leg(s)? *
We'll give a recommended leg, but final discretion is up to you and your team.
Thank you!
We're looking forward to another great year. Sign up deadline is TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 13TH! Teams will be made & announced the week of Thanksgiving.
Anything else we should know?
Here's where you can let us know the names of friends that you're dying to run with in the relay or a creative SRR-inspired haiku.
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