Grade 4 Mathematics "Presidents' Test"
Directions: Read and answer questions 1 through 10. Use the reference sheets as necessary.
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1. Taylor is measuring leaves for an art project. What is the length of the leaf? (Refer to #1 on the reference sheets and ask for a ruler.)
2. Ryan folded a sheet of paper to make 12 equal-sized sections. He shaded 2 sections as shown. Which fraction is equivalent to the one represented by the shaded part of the sheet of paper? (Refer to #2 on the reference sheets.)
3. What is the measure of angle DCE? (Refer to #3 on the reference sheets.)
4. Students shaded the shapes to represent fractions. Which two students' shapes represent equivalent fractions? (Refer #4 on the reference sheets)
5. Carolina moved the hand of a spinner 270 degrees as shown. What fraction of a complete turn through a circle is 270 degrees? (Refer to #5 on the reference sheets.)
6. Which statement best classifies the figure shown? (Refer to #6 on the reference sheets.)
7. The model is shaded to represent a fraction. Which figure is shaded to show a fraction equivalent to the model? (Refer to #7 on the reference sheets.)
8. A rectangle has a width of 9 inches. The area of the rectangle is 648 square inches. What is the length, in inches, of the rectangle?
9. Which expression represents the amount of the fraction strip that is shaded? (Refer to #9 on the reference sheets.)
10. The number 916,672 has the digit 6 in two different places. How many times greater is the value represented by the 6 in the thousands place than the value represented by the 6 in the hundreds place?
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