Mecklenburg County Middle and High School Mascot Survey
Members of the MCPS Community:

Thank you for your ongoing interest and support as we select the mascot for the new Mecklenburg County Middle School and Mecklenburg County High School. There has been a very good response to the surveys that have been presented to the public. In our last survey, we had the top 2 choices from a previous survey (Mavericks & Phoenix) and an "other" option for respondents to write-in a mascot choice. Due to the popularity of one of the write-in choices, we are adding "Mudcats" as a mascot choice for the public. We are now asking the community to cast one more vote. Please select between Mavericks, Mudcats, and Phoenix.

This survey will be open to your vote until midnight on Thursday, July 11th. We look forward to hearing from you!

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