Gifted Adolescents’ Perceived Leadership and Leaders’ Roles for the Global Society
The Center for Learning Science and Creative Talent Development (CLC) at Seoul National University, in association with The University of New South Wales, is conducting this questionnaire in order to identify how teachers of gifted adolescents perceive leaders’ roles and leadership needed for the global society. The questionnaire consists of 23 items about characteristics of leaders, expected roles for gifted leaders, preferred characteristics of future leaders, and social responsibility for gifted students.
We would appreciate your participation in this questionnaire. It will take about 10-15 minutes of your time. Your responses will be used only for research, and your identity will not be disclosed. All of the questionnaire responses will be kept confidential and computed for data analysis.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jae Yup Jung at
Thank you.

March, 2017
Research Director: Prof. Seon-Young Lee
The Center for Learning Science and Creative Talent Development
Seoul National University

Online Participant Information Statement
1. What is the research study about?
You are invited to take part in this research study. The research study aims to examine the conceptions of leadership held by secondary teachers of gifted students. You have been invited because you are studying a postgraduate gifted education course at UNSW Sydney.

2. Who is conducting this research?
The study is being carried out by the following researchers: Dr Jae Yup Jung of the School of Education at UNSW Sydney and Professor Seon-Young Lee of the Department of Education at Seoul National University.
Research Funder: This research is being funded by the National Research Foundation of Korea.

3. Looking to recruit
Before you decide to participate in this research study, we need to ensure that it is ok for you to take part. The research study is looking recruit people who meet the following criteria:
• Role as a teacher in a secondary school setting
• Experience in teaching gifted students

4. Do I have to take part in this research study?
Participation in any research study is voluntary. If you do not want to take part, you do not have to.
If you decide you want to take part in the research study, you will be asked to:
• Read the information carefully (ask questions if necessary);
• Complete the online questionnaire.

5. What does participation in this research require, and are there any risks involved?
If you decide to take part in the research study, we will ask you to complete an online questionnaire. The questionnaire will ask you questions about the characteristics of leaders, expected roles for gifted leaders, preferred characteristics of future leaders, and social responsibility for gifted students. It should take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

We don’t expect this questionnaire to cause any harm or discomfort, however if you experience feelings of distress as a result of participation in this study, you can let the research team know and they will provide you with assistance. Alternatively, you may contact the registered psychologist, whose contact details appear below to assist you if necessary.

6. What are the possible benefits to participation?
We hope to use information we get from this research study to benefit other teachers to more optimally support gifted students to realise their leadership potential.

7. What will happen to information about me?
Submission of the online questionnaire is an indication of your consent. By clicking the ‘I agree to participate’ button you are providing your permission for the research team to collect and use information about you for the research study. Your data will be kept for a period of 7 years after the project’s completion. We will store information about you in a non-identifiable format at UNSW Sydney. Your information will only be used for the purposes of research. In any reports of the research, information will be presented in a manner such that you will not be identifiable.

8. How and when will I find out what the results of the research study are?
The research team intend to publish and report the results of the research study in a variety of ways. All information published will be done in a way that will not identify you. If you would like to receive a copy of the results, you can let the research team know by contacting Jae Yup Jung (email: We will only use these details to send you the results of the research.

9. Complaint
If you do consent to participate, you may withdraw at any time. You can do this by closing the questionnaire. If you withdraw from the research we will destroy any information that has already been collected. Once you have submitted the questionnaire however, we will not be able to withdraw your responses as the questionnaire is anonymous.

The information you provide is personal information for the purposes of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW). You have the right of access to personal information held about you by the University, the right to request correction and amendment of it, and the right to make a compliant about a breach of the Information Protection Principles as contained in the PPIP Act. Further information on how the University protects personal information is available in the UNSW Privacy Management Plan (

10. What should I do if I have further questions about my involvement in the research study?
The person you may need to contact will depend on the nature of your query. If you require further information regarding this study or if you have any problems which may be related to your involvement in the study, you can contact the following member/s of the research team:

[Research Team Contact]
Name Jae Yup Jung
Position Senior Lecturer
Telephone (02) 9385 8629

If at any stage during the study you become distressed or require additional support from someone not involved in the research, please call:

[Contact for feelings of distress]
Name/Organisation Anthony Berrick
Position Registered Psychologist
Telephone +61 423 089 645

* What if I have a complaint or any concerns about the research study?
If you have a complaint regarding any aspect of the study or the way it is being conducted, please contact the UNSW Human Ethics Coordinator:

Complaints Contact
Position Human Research Ethics Coordinator
Telephone + 61 2 9385 6222
HC Reference Number HC180191

Consent Form - Participant providing own consent
Declaration by the participant

 I understand I am being asked to provide consent to participate in this research study;

 I have read the Participant Information Sheet or it has been provided to me in a language that I understand;

 I provide my consent for the information collected about me to be used for the purpose of this research study only.

 I understand that if necessary I can ask questions and the research team will respond to my questions.

 I freely agree to participate in this research study as described and understand that I am free to withdraw at any time during the study and withdrawal will not affect my relationship with any of the named organisations and/or research team members;

 I would like to receive a copy of the study results via email or post, I have provided my details below and ask that they be used for this purpose only;

(Please ONLY provide details of your name/address/email address if you wish to receive a copy of the study results via email or post.)
Your answer
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Email Address:
Your answer
 I understand that I can download a copy of this consent form from link presented below.
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