Fishvish Heat & Eat Home Chef Collaboration
Thank you for your interest in collaborating with Fishvish.

Fishvish offers around 45 types of raw Fish, other Seafood and the finest cuts in Chicken and Mutton all right to a customers' doorstep. Check out our website here:

A few months ago we launched our Heat & Eat range of cooked delights for people who would like their fill of seafood and meats but may not have the time to cook. This is also for people who love to try different types of meats and cuisines but may not necessarily want to cook themselves.

- Heat & Eat dishes are fully cooked and frozen.
- These are carefully prepared using Home Chef recipes in a variety of cuisines and cooking styles.
- To enjoy these dishes all one needs to do is Heat & Eat!

You can look up our current Heat & Eat range here:

Why does Fishvish collaborate with Home Chefs?
An exciting feature of the Heat & Eat line is that we love working with home cooks just like us, the founders. We believe each Home Chef has a unique food journey which translates into their signature cooking styles. Home Chefs bring their love of food and expertise in cooking varied cuisines to the table. Pair this with the variety of raw produce that we already have on offer and the possibilities are endless.

It is also about keeping alive tried and tested home recipes – some that have been passed on verbally by older generations, and newer recipes that have been learnt and tweaked by home cooks over many an experiment. We want to share the product of all this rich knowledge, experience and skill with other food lovers.

Come be a part of the team and let's spread the joy of sumptuous home style food!

1. An opportunity to launch co branded dishes that will bear your name along with Fishvish - your name will appear on the website as well as on packaging. See sample here:

2. Financial gains from sales of dishes curated by you.

3. A 3 min video of your food story that will be shared on social media. See sample here:

4. Your short bio and your picture will appear on the website. See sample here:

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What in your opinion are the top seafood, chicken and mutton dishes that you cook? Do indicate cuisine against each dish name. e.g Kosha Mangsho (Bengali) *
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Thanks so much for taking the time to answer all the questions. We will be screening all the applications and will get back to you within a week. You will either receive a call or email from us.

Should you be selected we will then ask you to come across to our office with any one fish/chicken/mutton dish of your choosing.

A quick tasting and chat and we will then select our final 5 Home Chefs for the summer.

We then sign a contract and get cooking to train our kitchen team!

In the mean time, should you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with us at

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