A survey to study flight delays

We are a group of researchers working on their thesis. It focuses on flight delays avoidance. We are pleased to collect your responses which we hope to be sincere and honest. Since the survey does not contain your name and affiliation, the responses will be private and confidential. We wish you take your time responding this survey. Thank you for your understanding and help.

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You are a/an : *
How do you consider flight delays ?
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Have you ever experienced a flight delay ? *
If yes, what were the reasons of the flight delay ?
If yes, what were the consequences ?
Who do you most blame for flight delays in general ? *
In your opinion , what are the parameters that affect the most flight delays? *
Do you think that avoiding flight delays is important ? *
If "yes" or "Maybe" , then why ?
How , do you think , can we reduce flight delays ? *
We are looking forward to reading your responses. Thank you very MUCH !
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