Ad Agency Leads - Pricing Survey:
Hello and thank you for participating in this ad industry survey research, so we can find out the average market price for Inbound Qualified Lead. You will be informed for this market research  results by the end of March.

We're Brandvertisor - Display Advertising Marketplace startup, that nurtures Qualified Advertisers Leads from Google search traffic relevant to "advertise on/in/at", "how to advertise on" etc.. Then the visitors research the Website Publisher Profile: (Example)

When you click [Advertise On] button, you get forwarded to #5. Ad Campaign Wizard, where (we can also assist the web users by chat/callback) the prospect fill up it's details and the magic happens:

Inbound Advertisers Leads nurturing process:
Google Search "advertise on" > > Ad Wizard > Qualified Advertisers Leads

Here are some advertisers qualified leads examples:
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See in action the Ad Campaign Wizard:
1. How much do you pay currently for qualified leads? How much should a lead like this costs on average? ( )
2. Why? Can you explain in details your pricing logic?
3. Does it make sense to charge mixed fee: Fixed $ + % of the selected budget?
4. If you think $ + % from ad spending makes sense, what should be the commission %?
5. What should be the process to verify the client budget amount? (Any other Win Win models?)
6. What is your usual client Churn rate?
7. Any other suggestions we're missing in the survey or overall?
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