WBC Scholarship Fund Application 2017 SANTA ROSA
I'm so happy you are interested in applying for a Scholarship to the Wine Bloggers Conference!

Scholarship Applications for the TENTH annual Wine Bloggers Conference in Santa Rosa, CA, from November 10-12, 2016.

The deadline to apply is September 1st, 2017 (subject to change). This allows everyone to make travel arrangements. However, I encourage you NOT to delay in registering for the Wine Bloggers Conference itself, as it may sell out before the deadline. If you are planning on attending even without Scholarship assistance, please register yourself and submit a request for reimbursement if you are awarded a scholarship.

You are welcome to apply again even if you have previously received a grant, but please be aware that there is lifetime benefit limit of $1500. If you are awarded a second grant, it will be capped at this amount, minus your previous grant.

Please note that if you are granted a scholarship, you will be send a code of conduct and expectation. Failure to agree and adhere to these rules will result in a revocation of your scholarship and forfeiture of any funds.

About You and Your Content
What is your full name?
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What is your email address?
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What is the name of your blog / livestream / You Tube channel?
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What is the URL of your content?
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How long have you been creating content?
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About Your Content
Blog / Channel Traffic
Unique Visitors per month (google analytics or similar)
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Tell us about your content.
What is your core message? Why are you unique?
Your answer
Please describe, in 250 words or less, why you are applying for a scholarship
Why we should consider your application above others?
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Please share links with at least 3 pieces of your work that you feel best represent your content and brand.
These pieces must be original and not published elsewhere.
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Your Needs
Please explain your financial situation any why you are requesting assistance.
If you are not otherwise be able to attend the conference, please be upfront and honest here.
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Assistance Requested
If you are requesting airfare assistance, please indicate your home airport
Your answer
If you are requesting accommodation assistance, please indicate your gender.
Room are allocated on a double occupancy same sex basis. There are no single supplements.
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Additional Info
Are you applying for the Ethnifacts Diversity Grant?
Please provide two personal references with email addresses.
These people can speak to your content, knowledge, and how you would benefit from attending WBC.
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Social Media Channels and Stats
Instagram Handle
Your answer
Facebook Page
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Twitter Handle
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Other Social Channels
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Conference History
Have you ever attended a Wine Bloggers Conference before? If yes, which one(s)?
Your answer
If you have attended a WBC previously, please indicate which one(s)
Have you ever attended a Wine Tourism Conference (or International Wine Tourism Conference)?
If yes, please indicate when and where.
Your answer
Rules & Regulations
Please note: Any scholarship funds that are awarded to you can be considered income.

You are required to agree to terms & conditions set forth at the time of award in order to receive your Scholarship. Failure to do so will result in your withdrawal. Failure to adhere to this agreement at any time will result in a revocation of your scholarship during or after the conference.

Funds are reimbursed in the following manner, via PayPal. There are no exceptions to this.

-IF you will be paying for the registration fee on your own, please ensure that you register ASAP
-IF you are asking for Scholarship funding AND you will NOT be attending the WBC without a scholarship, please DO NOT register at this time. We will register you for the conference.
-IF you are asking for Scholarship funding BUT will attend the conference regardless of being awarded funding, please DO REGISTER yourself ASAP to ensure that space is reserved.

Hotel accommodation is prepaid at one of the host hotels., in a same sex, shared room. If you wish to have a single room, this may impact your score and eligibility.

If you are requesting airfare assistance, only the lowest scheduled rate from the major metro airport nearest you to Sacramento. The LOWEST PUBLISHED FARE to any of these transportation hubs will be accommodated for.

If you require transportation from any of these airports, please consult the ride share boards and other transportation methods. You may use your grant for any air travel arrangements you want; reimbursement will be provided after proof of attendance and receipts are submitted after the conference has concluded.

Good luck, and start thinking about how you feel that you have contributed to the blogging world, and why we should award you a grant!

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