St. Augustine Church and Catholic Student Center 2019 Survey
Welcome to our survey! Please take a few minutes to let us know your thoughts. We appreciate your feedback! This will help us to better understand who our parishioners are and how we can best serve them.
Liturgy and Worship
The following questions are pertaining to the worship pillar of our ten-year strategic plan.
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I find our adoration schedule works with my schedule.
I find the weekday reconciliation times meet my needs for confession.
It is important for me to feel welcomed at the parish.
I would be interested in participating in the Liturgy of the Hours (morning, evening and night prayer).
I would participate in Saturday daily Mass if offered.
I would participate in Saturday reconciliation if offered.
There is a need for an usher's ministry to welcome parishioners to Mass.
What do you like about our liturgy (space, music, preaching, opportunities for liturgical ministry, etc)?
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How do you think we could improve our liturgy?
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