Who Was Napoleon Bonaparte Submission Form
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1. Where did Napoleon go to school? *
2. Copy and paste your completed questions and answers about Napoleon from slide 3 into the box below. *
3. Copy and paste your completed brief explanation of how Napoleon took power in France from slide 5 into the box below. *
4. Which of the following was a result of Napoleon's establishment of a national bank and an efficient tax system? *
5. Which of the following was a goal of the Napoleonic Code? *
6. Which of the following real estate deals did Napoleon make with the United States? *
7. Copy and paste what you wrote for results oin slide #9 into the box below *
8. How tall was Napoleon? *
9. Which of the following was a downside of the Napoleonic Code? *
10. Napoleon was encouraged to sell the Louisiana Purchase to the United States after losing control of which colony below? *
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