ROCKchester Pt. 4 Visual Artist Application
Please submit this application form for a chance to be featured in ROCKchester's Visual Artist Showcase.

Applying is FREE and a great opportunity for young emerging artists to connect with fellow artists in the area, display the work they are passionate about, and have the opportunity to discuss their artistic process during the Visual Artist Showcase of the event.


Event dates: June 14-16th 2019

Please help by sharing the application form below or this link: to help us make 2019's Visual Artist Showcase as inspiring and versatile as possible!

*Though the above link says mnartists, we are more than happy to involve artists outside of the Minnesota region if they are willing to apply and participate. Keep in mind since we are a young adult festival, we are requesting applying artists to be 25 years old or younger to apply.*

ROCKchester is a music and arts festival showcasing the growing music and art scene in Minnesota and beyond. Curated by a team of young adults, the event focuses on the cultivation and participation of a community of young creators, musicians, and visual artists. Our mission is to energize the creative arts landscape in the broader Minnesota region, not just for young adults, but for anyone in the area who is passionate for creation and consumption.

If you have any questions, email ROCKchester's visual arts curator at

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